Frequently Asked Questions

Wildwood is a nudist facility and as such clothing is allowed only for adverse weather conditions or health reasons and is never allowed in the pools or hot tub. Ladies may wear sarongs or lingerie to the dances but street clothing is never appropriate. Click here for more info,

You will want to bring several towels for sitting and showering (it is proper nudist etiquette to always use your personal towel on chairs and lounges). Sunscreen is highly recommended and you may want insect repellent especially if you are camping or taking advantage of the nature trails. You may bring a cooler with the food and drink you need for your stay. There is no food service on property. You will probably want sandals for around the pools and comfortable walking shoes for the trails. The most important thing is an open and friendly attitude and you will have a wonderful visit.

Yes, Wildwood represents every segment of society. We have singles, couples, and families. It is expected that singles visit with the intention of enjoying wholesome nude recreation. If in that context you happen to make new friends, that is wonderful. But looking for sexual companionship should never be a reason to visit. Advances made towards others or any inappropriate sexual behavior is always grounds for being expelled from the club and barred from any future visits.

As a family club, members and guests represent a wide age range from infants to senior citizens.

You will find that like everyone else nudists come in all shapes and sizes and while there are few of what is considered perfect physiques no one is judged on body type. Nude recreation develops a healthy body image and builds self-esteem in all age groups. People seek friends based on personality, not body type. Your first visit will be much easier than you imagine. Most folks find that once they are nude (like everyone else), they fit right in and feel very comfortable. Unless you tell people no one will know it’s your first experience. Just participate in social activities or relax around the pool. It’s just that easy.

This does not happen often. Nudist clubs are not highly sexually charged places. Swimming pools and beaches where bathing suits are worn are much more provocative with bikini and thong swim wear. If a gentleman experiences a problem it can be solved with a cold shower, simply covering yourself with a towel, or thinking of something else.

Visitors are welcomed at Wildwood on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The office is open from 9 to 5 on Friday and Saturday and from 10 to 3 on Sunday. Visitors should always call or e-mail in advance to arrange a visit since Wildwood is gated and we like to know when to expect you.

When one partner or spouse is a nudist and the other not, problems may arise. You may want to explain what draws you to nudism and what you find relaxing and beneficial. You may come to an agreement to try a visit since it is very hard to make up your mind about something you have not experienced. If you make a reservation for one of the cabins at Wildwood it will give the more timid partner a place to relax and have time alone or to just sit on the porch.

Wildwood has two lovely pools, one primarily for water volleyball the other is reserved for swimming, floating, and quiet daydreaming. There is a large hot tub that is most enjoyed during the cooler months. The sun deck is spacious and provides room for solitude as well as socializing. The nature trails provide a great way to exercise whether that is a stroll or a cross country run. In addition, the trails are a good way to get up close to some of the wildlife that calls the woods and meadows of Wildwood home. There are horseshoe pits and a pentaque’ court. The game room provides two pool tables, air hockey, and space to play cards or dominoes. There are dances with club lighting and sound, holiday theme parties, and potluck meals where you can get to know Wildwood members and other guests. Wildwood has a shady camping area that is located close to the clubhouse and pools. There are open spaces where you can play Frisbee, fly a kite, work on that golf swing, or enjoy evening star gazing. In short the possibilities are endless and go far beyond the typical notion that all nudists are sun worshipers. While an all over tan is lovely, there is much more to do after you’ve spent some time in the sun.

While we at Wildwood love pets, the common areas are off limits to our four legged friends and it would be unfair and dangerous to leave them without adequate accommodations on a day visit. If you are camping in an RV or tent, well mannered pets are welcome but must be walked on a leash. Pets are not allowed in the Wildwood cabins.

You will meet wonderful, friendly people at Wildwood who represent every segment of the general public. All walks of life and every profession will be present as well as every political and religious persuasion. You will meet singles, couples, and families with every age range represented.

No. Your privacy as well as that of others will be respected. The official club photographer is the only person who may have a camera in public areas and will only take photos by permission. Electronic devices with cameras must have the camera lens covered with a sticker (available from the office).

At Wildwood you will find a spacious shaded tent camping area close to the clubhouse, pools and sun deck. There are pull through sites with sewer, electric and water that will accommodate larger RV’s. Also there are two cabins with queen beds, kitchenettes, and porches with swings. Decatur offers many nice motels just four miles from our gate.