Nudist Versus Clothing Optional

Wildwood is the only nudist club in the north Texas area, all others are clothing optional. It is by choice that we set ourselves apart.

By Wildwood being a nudist club this means you are safe from voyeurism by those who would stay clothed and do not share traditional nudist values. Because of our philosophy members expect everyone to follow the Wildwood rules on clothing. Nudity is expected in the common areas at all times, weather and health considerations permitting. The exception to this is personal health situations which we are willing to discuss. If you are cold or getting sunburned, covering with a robe or shirt is permissible. Clothing must never be worn in pools or the hot tub. We do allow tasteful “fashion expression” at the evening dances.

As a nudist one never uses clothing to draw attention to or enhance the body. If you are here it is expected that you want to be nude, that is what sets us apart as a group and is the basis of our culture.

Thank you for wanting to be here and for showing your support of nudism. It is by your good example that those new to the joys of nudism/naturism become comfortable and fit in.